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Welcome to HIPPOHorses and thank you for joining the HIPPOH Team!

This is your personal reference and resource for the HIPPOH philosophy. Keep updated on the progress of our HIPPOHorses that are being rehabilitated, important information and articles, real life makeovers and your gateway to receiving your own online evaluation!

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Each HIPPOH Equine Professional has their own page to share articles, videos or information that they feel is important to help protect our horses. Choose where you would like to start and we hope you enjoy the journey!!

Dr. Joanna Robson
Dr. Joanna Robson shares many of her own published articles and videos. Discussion from mane to tail involving Veterinary practices and alternative therapies applied to real life cases.
Michael DeLeonardo
Michael DeLeonardo CJF presents Q & A articles, case studies, available research and his thoughts and philosophy. Keep updated on the newest research and discussions.
Save a hoof, save a horse!
Karen Loshbaugh
Karen Loshbaugh CFT
explains the concept behind "Classical Foundation Training" and supplies videos and articles to help educate the riders eye to how a horse can physically best carry a rider. Training methods based on a gymnastically progressive system that allows your horse to stay light and harmonious.
Jochen Schleese
Jochen Schleese CMS
explores the do's and don'ts of saddle fitting, how to determine what is helpful or hurtful to the horse and how to tell the difference. Detailed articles that
Horse Eye
A look at the world through the eyes of a horse. Here you will see the integrated approach of the HIPPOH Team, excerpts from their "Naked Truth Symposiums" and real life cases of horses being rehabilitated using the HIPPOH Team approach.